Christie LX605 ProjectorAV has become a vital element to almost all conferences and events. Speaker support slides, graphics, pictures and video’s are all used to great effect by presenters to illustrate their message.

Live cameras can be used with large audiences so that even the people at the back can see the image of the speaker clearly and sponsors can be easily recognized for their contributions through projecting their logos onto a big screen.

At Magnetic Storm Cape Town we also have everything your Presenters could wish for, to aid in getting their message across . From small screens placed in front of the lectern enabling them to easily see what is on the main screen, wireless remotes to forward slides (no more being stuck at a lectern by your laptop), bright green laser pointers that are far easier to see than the conventional red ones, even discrete cue lights and timer clocks that can help a Chairman keep control of the running time of a conference session. We can also provide equipment and staff to set up and run speaker prep rooms for presenters to work on their presentations at the conference.

av screen 2AV Screen